The Heroku Hacker's Guide

The ultimate guide to deploying your web apps on Heroku.

Heroku's platform makes deploying, scaling, monitoring, and maintaining your web applications simple, cost effective, and even enjoyable.

The Heroku Hacker's Guide is a practical guide, explaining why you should be using Heroku, how to use Heroku, and all the best practices you need to know to start building successful Heroku applications.

If you're serious about building and deploying web applications on the best platform available, this book is for you.

Go forth, and hack!

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Scale Your Apps

Learn how to instantly scale your applications to support millions of users through the use of Heroku's dynos and addons.

Monitor Your Apps

Use New Relic to monitor your applications, find bottlenecks, fix problems, and increase insight.

Effectively Collaborate

Learn how to successfully work with other developers on your Heroku applications, manage multiple accounts, and more.

Use PostgreSQL

Learn to use, scale, backup, restore, and fully understand Heroku's incredibly popular PostgreSQL service.

Use the Force

Good hackers love to write good code. Learn all the best practices you need to write simple and elegant web services on Heroku.

Manage Releases

Having issues with a recent deploy? Learn to instantly rollback your application to previous releases while maintaining full confidence using Heroku's release system.

Other Stuff

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